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I was born into a family of professional musicians, and raised in a Grammy Award winning recording studio.  Beginning in early childhood, I helped my father on Classical remote recording sessions: placed microphones, ran snakes, vacuumed, took out trash, etc. I paid close attention to the various processes involved and learned many invaluable lessons from him over the years.

I grew up playing violin, double French horn, cello, electric and double bass, and West African hand percussion. I started digitally editing audio when I was 12 years old on a Studer DYAXIS 2 track editor, moving on to Sound Designer II, Then ProTool (Pre HD), and Now Nuendo/Wavelab

In the pre-COVID world, this “techie” and former Apple employee was a salaried engineer and system tech with Nomad Sound in Austin, TX.  I also toured as a front of house audio engineer with Grammy Award winners Conspirare and Roomful of Teeth, and still support both groups in the studio.  This year marks my 20th as a professional audio engineer.

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